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In the waiting: For couples trusting God for a child

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If you and your spouse are facing challenges with conceiving or have endured the heartache of a pregnancy loss, we want you to know that you are not alone in this difficult season. There are simply no words that can fully ease the pain you carry in your hearts. We understand that this journey can feel like such an impossible, lonely, and isolating one. That on many days, it can feel crushing and insurmountable.

In our time together here, we’ll explore some of the questions that might be weighing heavily on your heart. We’ll draw out some truths from the Word of God, and we hope we will be able to offer you the Lord’s encouragement as well as some practical guidance on how you and your spouse can lean on the Lord and support each other through this trying season.

Our hope is that in this journey, you will discover not only answers, but also renewed strength, peace, and hope as you navigate what is undoubtedly one of the most challenging seasons of your life.

This resource is for anyone who:

  • Is facing difficulty conceiving or grieving the painful loss of a pregnancy.
  • Has placed their trust in the Lord for children but has not yet received their breakthrough. 

In this series, you will:

  1. Discover God’s compassionate heart, which deeply desires for you and your spouse to experience the joys of parenthood as well as the Lord’s provision to enjoy this blessing.
  2. Uncover the comforting and reassuring promises found in the Bible, specifically under the new covenant, given by the Lord to uplift and sustain you during this trying time.
  3. Explore how the Lord can work for your good even in the midst of challenging circumstances.
  4. Tap into a wellspring of hope and strength, enabling you to confidently look forward to a bright and promising future for you and your family.

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